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Empower your workforce with an accessible and inclusive Mental Wellness benefit.

Building a mentally well workplace


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The power of empowering your people

Good things happen when you support your employees' mental wellness


Observe positive changes in behavior


Experience improvements in thoughts & feelings


Report learning more about themselves

*Based on a post-Pathway survey

What you’ll get:

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  • Sessions: on-demand stories to help your team learn, process, and reflect across topics like relationships, family, grief, work, and self-improvement.

  • Tools: licensed therapists create research-based tools to demystify therapy concepts and create actionable insights and digestible lessons.

  • Groups: anonymously join conversations with therapists to learn, practice skills, and connect with the Zeera community.

FROM Dr. Rachel

We need to change how we deliver care.

Dr. Rachel, Chief Clinical Officer

It starts with meeting people when they've had a fight with their partner, gotten harsh feedback from a manager, or felt left out of plans—not when they're on the verge of a mental health crisis

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